Throw Kindness Board

As the semester nears to a close, we can easily get stressed out and feel down in the dumps. Check out this board for some positive, uplifting vibes.


Mental Health Board

So often, we say comments to people that seem harmless but can actually affect someone with a mental health problem. It is important to be sensitive and avoid the phrases on the board so that everyone can continue to feel included.

Job Interview

Are you looking for a last-minute summer internship or job? Check out this board for some information on how to create a positive impact while you are in your interview!

Happy New You!!!

Happy New Year and Happy New You! Our society is very good about setting goals but not very good about keeping those goals. Take a note card and write the goal that you plan on keeping for this year, and work hard every day to accomplish your goals!

Change your words, Change your mindset

Often, society looks at everything from the negative perspective, and it can make a society live in sorrow. It is important to think of everything in a more positive light. Start with changing these common negative phrases and turning them into something more positive! You’ll be surprised at the outcomes.

Random Acts of Kindness

Have you ever had an urge to expand your comfort zone and do something you maybe have never done? Maybe try doing something randomly kind for a stranger! While this is uncomfortable for many at first, it is a lot of fun once you start. Pick a card from the pocket, and you’ll begin to see how much you enjoy being kind to strangers for no reason!

Religion Tree

As the holidays near, many people focus on Christianity and the story of baby Jesus and the Christmas Tree. During this season, it is important to remember that not everyone practices Christianity and that their religion matters now as well as all year long.