Popsicle Door Decs

Although it’s starting to get chilly outside, classes are just starting to heat up. These popsicle door decs are a reminder to you all to stay cool and take some time to relax for yourself.


Left or Right Brained

We have all heard someone say that they are left or right brained at some point in our lives. Often, people are confused on what this means. Now, you can know what this means and determine what you are!

What Color Represents You?

Have you ever wondered, “If I was a color, what color would I be?” I know I have, so this color board is here to help you decide. Of course, you won’t be all of one color, but maybe this reveals why you like a certain color more! Enjoy!

Resource Board

Hey everyone! If you have any questions about resources available on campus, check out the resource board! I will add to this wall throughout the year for you, so keep looking for new flyers!

Welcome Back!

Welcome to 2 East everyone! I hope you all are settling in nicely. This year, Bridgeway’s theme is islands, and the island for 2 east is Australia. Australians are known for having boomerangs, so enjoy the first set of door decs!