Food Fight (Donation)

food fight

Do not forget to donate money and/or food for the Food Fight (Donation)!

Tomorrow is the last day to donate money for


Want more stickers?

Want more stickers? Of course you do! On my whiteboard I put a list of events you can get stickers at this week! Also at the bottom is a paper where you can sign up to eat dinner or brunch with me! 

Thank you (Berry Yo of the Month and Wocket Event)

Special thanks to everyone who came to the Berry Yo of the Month/Wocket in Pocket event! I hope you all had a great time!

We made little bows out of ribbons with a goal for the year or a quote to hang outside our door! Whether you put down a goal or a quote, it will be a reminder for you to keep going and to inspire you all to keep doing your best!

If you still want to make one but could not come to the event, just stop by my room and I have plenty of extra ribbon!

Thanks again for all who came! (:

Wocket in Pocket Event #1

 Our first WOCKET IN POCKET EVENT is this Thursday, September 24th at 6PM.
This event is brought to you by Kristina (206A)

Please bring an idea of a goal for the year or your favorite quote for an activity we are going to do!

This event is worth 2 smiley faces if you attend and gets you that much closer to getting free Berry Yo at the BERRY YO OF THE MONTH event!

Hope to see you all there!

Berry Yo of the Month

Every month we are going to Berry Yo! Say what? Yes. Every month we are going to Berry Yo!

When? Dates and times will be posted on Berry Yo Board!

Why? To reward you all for participating in events and being a part of the community you are in!

What is in it for you? Every event you will get a certain number of smiley face stickers (hanging outside your door). WHEN YOU REACH 25 SMILEY FACES I, Trina Exe, will buy your Berry Yo at the next time we go to Berry Yo (Who doesn’t love free Berry Yo?)

What else? Each time we go, there will also be a little activity we do to either learn about ourselves or our community and WE WILL CELEBRATE THE BIRTHDAYS FROM THAT MONTH! AND YOU GET BERRY YO!

Traveling Wocket

Travelling Wocket Guidelines:
If you get the travelling Wocket in your pocket you get to think of an event for the wing to do!

If you do not want to create your own, you can also pull an idea of the ‘Programming Jar’!

You can either plan it on your own, with your roommate, suite mates or any any others.

Shortly after you get the Wocket, you will get a sheet to fill out that looks like this:

Travelling Wocket

This is meant for you all to socialize and get to meet more people with the same interests so don’t forget to have fun! Think of something you really enjoy and odds are SOMEONE ELSE ON OUR WING ENJOYS IT TOO! 

If you have any questions, contact me via email or just come and talk to me.

The Game Of Life: College Resource Editon


Are you curious about what Platteville has to do on weekends? Are you sick and do not have money to go to a clinic? Do you need helpful tips on a how to succeed in school? Are you concerned for a friend in an abusive relationship?

Come check out the new board It has everything you need to know about campus and the community of Platteville. There are multiple opportunities that Platteville offers students of all backgrounds to ensure that YOU ALL have a GREAT experience!

Feel free to take out any of the pamphlets; just return them when you are done. If I am missing anything, just let me know and I can add more that you all know.