Halloween Decorating

Decorate your own costume!

Midterms are coming up but so is Halloween! If you are feeling stressed and just need a break, grab this person and make them a Halloween Costume! Bring all your creative juices to make a masterpiece! You can use any sort of art medium (paint, fabric, colored pencils, crayon, etc.).

DO NOT FORGET TO PUT YOUR NAME ON THE BACK when you are all finished!

MUST BE COMPLETED by October 21st! When you are done you can either give it to me in person, slide it under my door or just let me know if I am not around and you have a very elaborate costume (that does not fit under my door) and I am not around.

The possibilities are endless; HAVE FUN!

Side note: This activity is meant for you to distress. If it does not make you release stress but rather causes more, no problem, it is OPTIONAL! (:


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