United We Stand-Caroline Spencer


“Spencer is a mom, has completed 125 marathons, six 100-mile endurance races, 11 Iron Mans and 11 Boston Marathons. She is also a survivor of the Boston Marathon bombing. Spencer will talk about perseverance and pushing farther than anyone ever thought that they could.” (https://www.uwplatt.edu/news/friday-features-oct-23-2015)

Last night we had a United We Stand Lecturer, Caroline Spencer. She talked about her start of running in track in high school and the amazing journey she has had since then. As you can see from the small information the website provided above, she has pushed herself so much because SHE CAN! She said if there is one thing to take away from her speech it was “try something new and step out of your comfort zone. It does not mean to go out and run 100 mile run; but to go do something that you normally wouldn’t and you may find out that you like it.”


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