Olaf Door Dec


“Oh no! I have been impaled! By a pencil!”

Happy holidays everyone and do not forget to focus on your studies and finals come up! If you need a little pick me up just let me know and we can find something to do!

Feel free to use the pencil while studying (:



Intramural Volleyball

We had a wrap up celebration at Las Palmas of our Intramural Volleyball team, The Bridgeway Babes! We may have not been the champions but we sure had fun! 

Berry Yo of the Month


Berry Yo of the Month from Wednesday was great! (:

We got some frozen treats and talked about the video “The Lollipop Moment”. Who has inspired us? Who has been that Lollipop moment in our life? We each wrote a letter to that special person and had the choice to give it to them or keep it until we are ready. It was very eye opening to see how one person could say or do one thing and change our life forever.

Keep that in mind….who has inspired you in such a small way but impacted you so greatly to get you where you are today?

No matter who we are, we have all become who we are today by the impact of others.