$1 Movie Night


Thank you to everyone who came to $1 movie night (more like FREE movie night)! 13 Hours was an amazing movie based off of soldiers in Libya before ISIS. It is based off a true story and reminds us every day how lucky we are to have loved ones fighting across sees to keep us safe. Even if we do not have a loved one fighting for us, just remember they are out there to save YOU. Make sure to thank someone for their service and do not ever exclude them. Include everyone and be thankful! (:

Wing Dinner

Special thanks to everyone who came and SOCIALIZED at wing dinner. Keep your eyes open every week for the place we will be eating next. And remember:

this is not just to get food; it is for each of you to get to know the people on your wing and to develop a community among us.

Owl Hogwarts Letters


This semester is going to be centered around getting you ready for your first year at Hogwarts! We will have meals every week (on Wednesday), you will be sorted into your own Hogwarts house and earn points–both individually and as a team–

Good luck this semester and sorry for the late mail acceptance letter, you would have gotten in when you were 11 but that was when You-Know-Who (Voldemort) was busy destroying the world and happened to make mail go haywire! Sorry again for the delay.

Girl be a GOAL digger

Let’s start the year off right!

What are some of your goals for the semester? 

Write them down! This is a way for you to set your own bar as to what you want to do this semester to make yourself a better student and a better person. Set a goal for yourself anonymously or sign your name. Let this be a reminder to keep at your goal this semester and just a reminder that YOU can do ANYTHING you put your mind to! (: