Curt Patrouille was an amazing speaker. I did not know exactly what he was going to be talking about before I got there–but he focused on resiliency.

Resiliency is a quality in objects to hold or recover their shape, or in people to stay intact.


He went through his own life struggles and broke everything down to relate to our own lives. He used the analogy of a glass jar representing us. Then you put in rocks to represent our highest priorities. Can you fit more? Yes. You put sand in and it fills in the cracks; representing the medium important priorities. Can you fit more than that? Yes. You can poor water in to still fill up the cracks. If you focus on the little things first and working your way from their and highest priorities last, you will not have enough energy for the biggest priorities in your life.


Dance Marathon

Stop down at the desk this week and donate to the Dance Marathon. The UW-Platteville Dance Marathon is fundraising to support the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals to help further research on children’s diseases. 

This is just one way you can give back to the community. Keep your eyes open for more details on how to get involved in the Dance Marathon and how YOU CAN BECOME A SUPERHERO

To find out more information come to hall council on Monday at 9:15 pm in the MPR. (:

Who is your inspiration?

Who is your inspiration? Who has helped you get to where you are today? Who had made you the individual you are today? 

This is your time to share that someone or multitudes of someone’s and show your appreciation. 

That person played a big part in making you….you! Maybe call them up and thank them or just reflect on how wonderful of a person they are.